hello there. i am Andrea limjoco.
I work as senior product designer at spotify.
i am also an illustrator and art director.

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Here you will find a few of my selected commercial and personal work.
For more information about these projects, say hello at andrealimjoco@gmail.com.


spotify daily mixes

Descended from Radio, Daily Mix is our take on user's music taste, organised through 1 or more bottomless playlists depending on the variety of music you stream. Mixes are regularly updated and evolve along with your listening habits. Daily Mix makes it simple to quickly tune into – and tune between – user's favourite stuff, any day of the week. We keep similar artists grouped together, no maintenance required, and we throw in some discovery tracks too. 

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Role: Senior Product Design Lead

spotify glue

Glue stands for "Global Language, Unified Experience". It is the Spotify Design Language. Glue helps shape and evolve the design language of Spotify across all platforms, helping create a consistent user experience across all our products. 

In 2015, it was important to define a design language because Spotify was becoming available in multiple platforms and experiences. We needed to speed up the design and engineering process of building while at the same time, make sure that our products were consistent. So, design collaborated closely with the engineering and product teams to define a set of design principles, foundations and strategy which eventually let to the creation of Glue. From there, we created a scalable library of components and interactions for across our products. We provided the company with a living set of guidelines, toolkits and app reference. Read more about how we scale design and product at Spotify. 

Role: Senior Product Design Lead

spotify icon redesign

In 2016, we refreshed our Spotify Icon suite - carefully creating and implementing over 600 individually crafted icons that works across our all of our products. The new icon shapes were designed to mirror our Circular typeface — its sharper forms inform the overall icon style — creating a set that felt unique to Spotify. We also made sure that these icons were drawn in their simplest form, really considering the bare minimum needed to convey the idea behind the icon. You can read more about this project in this article. I hope you like it.

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Role: Lead Designer, Senior Product Design Lead 


spotify brand refresh

We worked with Collins in defining this new identity. After we launched in 2014, I worked with the design team to bring this new brand identity to life - in all our communications as well as into our product. Read more.

Role: Visual Designer, Art Director

spotify running

I worked with the Spotify brand team to create 3 films for the global launch of the Spotify Running. As design lead for this project, I collaborated with B Reel Stockholm to create these films - providing art and creative direction. Learn more and view the films.

Role: Lead Designer, Art Director

Smrt refresh

SMRT - a public transport operation company in Singapore wanted to a brand overhaul. They approached Host to refresh their brand identity. As design lead for this project, I defined art direction and visual design. We also created three 10 second films for escalator safety - showcasing this new brand identity to the public.

Role: Lead Designer, Art Director