stationary for the wedding of Cris & David

I was so inspired by Horniman Museum Conservatory (which was the venue of the wedding). So I knew I wanted to create something classic and elegant but I also wanted to add some modern elements into the design. Basically, mixing structural shapes and geometric patterns with soft colours and organic material --- creating a combination of solid and delicate forms. This gave the design depth and dimension. 

I love that Cris & David picked a venue that had a combination of indoor, outdoor, solid structures and natural elements like light, plants. So I created a design that echoes that.


The pattern was inspired by the street tiles of Sao Pãulo, Cris's hometown! And I hand painted the flower details. 

This design was brought to life using letterpress by lovely folks at Hand & Eye - a printing studio based in London.

No design project is without a pinterest board, of course!


An early sketch